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Celebrating Curls in a Major Way

Love My Curls was created to bring the curly girls of Australia and New Zealand together and celebrate our diverse curly hair journey. We believe no matter what age or colour you are; how tight or loose your curls may be, we all want to have a gorgeous, healthy crown. We know you have probably spent hours on the internet trying all of the latest tricks to address your curly concerns (hello Aloe Vera Pre-Poo routine!). 

The Love My Curls Festival is a space for you to take steps in achieving your hair goals. This event will tackle your biggest hair challenges; give you access to the right products and THE BEST part – educate you on how to use those products, straight from the brands who make them and the professional stylists that use them. 


Aja Bradley-Kemp, the Founder of Love My Curls has always been passionate about hair. As a young girl she used to make her sister sit for hours playing beauty salon and as she got older, made money doing the hair of her mother’s friends.  Although she ultimately decided against becoming a hairstylist, her career as a marketer working for global beauty brands in the US and Australia has given her the opportunity to work alongside leading hairstylists and product developers; soaking up their knowledge and experimenting with an endless supply of hair products. The Love My Curls Festival combines the enjoyment she gets bringing people together and her personal mission to get her perfect curl.


Tomasina Boone (better known as Tommy) is the owner and operator of Curls and Natural Hair retail/salon space in Sydney.  Her passion about hair, beauty and the happiness it can bring led her to buy Afro Puffs, one of the first online retailers in Australia catering to women with curly and natural hair.  From the start, she undertook the task of expanding the range of brands to include holistic products without sulphates, parabens or silicones; increasing the options available for all natural, curly haired people in Australia. After caring for the hair care needs of hundreds of Australian women over the years Tommy realized a gap existed between the availability of curly hair products and accessibility to those product developers and styling experts. It is her hope that the Love My Curls Festival will show the Australian community, that there is information and support for all curls, big or small, tight or loose.

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